Our Mission

Empowering our diverse community to achieve self-sufficiency and foster economic entrepreneurship, with a special emphasis on minority, veteran, and female-led growth. Harnessing the positive potential of AI, we are committed to delivering comprehensive training, coaching, and support through innovative digital marketing strategies, engaging AI-driven online training modules, dynamic events, and insightful seminars, ensuring the continued advancement and success of those we serve.

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Over 500+ Successful Projects and Still Counting

Reach to Expand

Growth is critical to nonprofits as it allows you to reach more people and provide greater quality of help. We're here to prepare you for the challenges of growing beyond just an idea with the right business help. How to reach your targets with digital and cloud technology is just as important as building your organizations foundation.

Readiness & Self Sufficiency

As challenging as it can be, you need to strive for self-sufficiency in order be successful as small business or a non-profit. When you don't have to depend on others to move forward, you have the chance experience what small business growth does for your business and your non profit  to help more people. We have shown that knowing is 80% of the tasks!

Research & Development

Knowledge is the lifeblood of any organization and project and it's essential to know what exactly you should research. We help you figure that out so your research becomes quality actionable strategies. Knowing how and where to gain resources is just as important as execution of the knowledge.

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I am so grateful

"I didn't know where to start. I was confused, I was frustrated, I was tired of the rat race so what I did was, I contacted her and she helped me get the LLC. She helped me with the bank accounts with building my credit. I literally didn't know anything so she consulted me through the whole process and about a year later a little over a year. I'm doing very well much better than I had been before and I am so grateful to her. If you have any desires to move forward, I would go with Forward Progression Development Inc."

Latonya Collier, PHD



Wonderful mentorship

"Wonderful mentorship and approach to implementing technology into our small organization ."



Able to be open and honest

"I was able to be open and honest about how difficult becoming a woman business owner was for me and the training was detrimental to my growth."

Linda S.



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