2023 Active Campaigns

Business readiness is critical whether you're a non-profit or small enterprise. You need to be completely prepared in order to secure the funding that you need to get off the ground. This can be very challenging and it's often at this point that most non-profits flounder and fail. Forward Progression Development Inc. believes that everyone who cares enough to care for others should have the opportunity to standout and shine. That's why we're primarily geared towards helping you achieve full business readiness to get out there and get funded.

More than that, we also aim to ensure that you and your non-profit get to a point where you can stand on your own two feet. Again, the means to achieve this level of self-sufficiency is unique to every startup non-profit. If you're struggling in this particular department, we're more than ready and able to help you find that niche suited to you. We're averaging our expertise and know-how to help you help others.