Web Design Basics & Why You Need It

Website design and development are hot topics in today’s business world. After all, having a website is an absolute necessity if you want to be and stay competitive and globally viable. Funnily enough, just having a website isn’t enough (everyone has one). It’s equally important to put careful thought into the kind of website you’re trying to build. Here are key considerations when it come to website design and development that you need to know.

1 – Website design needs to be functional.

A lot of people focus on the aesthetics of their website. It’s understandable. You certainly do want to make sure that your website is beautiful and a true expression of what your business about. You do not, however, want to have beauty over functionality. Functionality can be found in how your website is laid out. You want it to have everything you need to easily get your point/message across properly. Without proper functionality, your website is useless.

2 – Website design needs to be intuitive.

If your website design is both beautiful and functional but lacks intuitiveness, then you’re still going to be in trouble. When we say “intuitive” we mean that it is easy for people to naturally find what they are looking for in your website. It’s about placing all the elements that compose your website in a very smooth flowing manner. You can test intuitiveness by asking your loved ones to try it out. If they can get to a sell point without much fuss, you’re good to go.

3 – Website design needs to be responsive.

Another aspect that needs to be considered in website design is how responsive it is. Responsiveness refers to the speed with which the website and its pages load. This is actually on critical factor Google takes into consideration when ranking a page on its platform. There are many things that affect this. For example, websites that are chockfull of videos and high resolution images will be far slower. Best to ensure you have a grasp of how much you put in.

4 – Website design takes into consideration search ranking.

Speaking of Google, you also need to make sure that your website design is search engine optimized. This basically means utilizing the right keywords for each page’s content. It can be a tad tricky when talking about SEO, as it is called. The basic idea, however, is making sure that the content that you’re putting up is relevant to people searching for your particular service oor product. If it is, you can expect higher rankings on Google.

5 – Website design needs to be mobile optimized.

Did you know that, as of 2019, 81% of Americans own a smartphone? More than that, they more frequently check out content and conduct product research on these smartphones? That’s why it isn’t enough to have a perfect website, it also needs to be optimized for a speedy, easy mobile experience! This is one critical website design consideration that often goes unnoticed.

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