Website Traffic: Problems and Solutions

So you have your own website. You’ve checked and made sure that everything is perfectly running. You have all the information you think they need. You have it all optimized more mobile and it runs and loads fast. You’re good to go and ready to conquer the online world. But wait. It’s been a day or several and you notice you don’t quite have any website traffic coming in. What gives? We look at reasons why you don’t have that many visitors—and therefore sales—and what you can do about it.

1: You have a lot of competition.

If your product or service
isn’t particularly unique, you’re likely facing stiff competition
online. Many have their websites up and for a long time too. The
battlefields of modern business are the search engines as these are
where people will be able to find you. The weapons of this battle lie
in search engine optimization (or SEO). There are specialists who
handle these which is basically setting up your website for the
keywords that are most searched and most relevant to your business.

2: You don’t have the right content.

You might have content on your
website but again so does everyone else. Product lists? Yep. Promises
and benefits? Yep. Promos? Yep. Everyone does it so how do you stand
out? Add the right content. What is the right content? It’s material
that goes beyond what’s already expected. It’s blog posts that detail
you unique selling propositions. It’s articles that showcase your
specific expertise in whatever industry you’re running in. Great
content drives website traffic.

3: You’re not out there.

Most websites aren’t the be all
and end all of a business’ online presence. They might be the anchor,
the foundation, but smart businesses reach out to draw people in. The
best and most cost-effective way to do this is by having an equally
strong social media presence. 79% or Americans nowadays have a social
media presence and are active on a daily basis. If you aren’t, you
won’t be pulling people to visit your own website—traffic goes low.
Build yourself up on social media.

4: No one is buying.

Having promotions in the form
of discounts, rebates, and freebies are how many businesses pull
customers away from their competition. And why not? People—even
you!—like a good deal. If you aren’t offering some sort of
promotion, you aren’t even going to be top of anyone’s consideration
list. Promotions don’t just draw in website traffic, they convert
this traffic into sales. Again, social media is an excellent platform
for pushing these promotions for a far lower cost.

Bonus: Guest posting drives website traffic.

A final strategy that you can utilize is to write content relevant to your business on websites that are just as relevant. These guest posts are beneficial to you because they allow you to put links to many different pages in your website to organically drive traffic. These usually work as trades—that is, the target website will also write on your page to link to them. With an expert digital marketer and content writer, this is very easily accomplished.

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